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Dust removal technology

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A.  Low pressure pulse bag-type dedusting technology

General Description of high–efficient and bag-type dedusting technology

  The dusty air, with the function of negative pressure of the fan at the back of bag filter, uniformly enters into the bottom of the dust hopper through intake adjusting valve of each chamber by air duct and sloping bulkhead, some bigger dust particles directly fall into thee hopper due to inertial impaction and natural settling etc and others rise into each bag chamber along with the air flow ,which after filtration by filter bag ,the powdered dust is retained at the outside of the filter bag and gas after purification exhausts into atmosphere by induced draft fan through bag opening, upper case body and outlet. LCDM long bag and low pressure pulse bag filter mainly includes filtration element, dust removal protection system, control system, compressed air dust cleaning system and discharging and conveying system etc.

High –efficient Bag Filter

Characteristics of High –efficient Bag-type Dust Removal Technology

(1) The bag filter is compact in structure and small in covering area;

(2) Low jetting pressure and good dust removal effect;

(3) Well-adapted to sticky and fine dust and high temperature and high humidity flue gas;

(4) High filtration load, long bag filter service life and high dust removal efficiency;

(5) Even air flow distribution and low operation resistance of equipment;

Simple bag structure, small system air leakage and reliable control system

B、Electric-bag composite dedusting technology

C、Wet type electric precipitation technology